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Intensives and Mini Intensives 

Couples find themselves sometimes in a situation where change is needed quickly. You might not have the time or the patience to wait a whole week for an hourly appointment. Or the situation has become dire, and you need change now!

This is where the Intensives come in.

At The Couples Shed we offer professional, custom tailored and tool oriented interventions that work.

Our Mini Intensive and Intensive services offer couples a unique opportunity to make direct change in person. Custom tailored to fit each individual couple's needs, these sessions provide a unique opportunity to make meaningful progress in a short amount of time. Intensives as a new intervention approach offer couples a fresh perspective and the opportunity to create lasting change.

These can be done in person or on Zoom.

Please enquire about our fees.

Stefanie by text on 022 070 01 04 or by email: 

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