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I am passionate about my work with couples! And here is why:

My first marriage broke down after a very poor experience of some very poor couples counselling. I was devastated.I felt I had done everything in my power, and yet, I was standing in front of a pile of rubble. Worse yet, I had three small children by my side. After a painful period of agony, I went through a divorce.

As devastating as these years might have been, it motivated me to do something with my experience. I wanted to ensure that other couples would find better support, better counselling, in fact I was aiming for a high quality support that would make a lasting difference for the couples I was going to be working with!

This motivated me to train again!

Today I am very happily married for the second time!

A lot of the strategies that I am teaching, I use at home in my own marriage as well.
Because - THEY WORK!


We will always keep you and your goals at the heart of the treatment process, and use our knowledge of these to build a road map to the treatment approach. Our experience and training with a wide variety of methods allows us to choose an approach you will feel comfortable with.

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