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We were in the dumpsters.... There was nothing we could do to help us out of it. We had seen our lawyers. Seeing Stef was like 'Ah well why not?' We had not much hope. A bit, I guess... In the end we tried one more time -with Stef. We were sceptical, we were. Stef helped us out of our desperate place. We crawled out actually. 😀:) We started to talk, slowly, full of anguish and angst. We were angry. So many years of stored up stuff. Stef helped us to speak. About our pain about our anger.. slowly we learned to walk again. Alone and together. We started to see good in the other we started to connect. We started to love each other again. To fall in love again. A crazy thing. I didn't think it was possible! We found our road back to each other. Our kids (8 and 5) are thrilled. So are we. :) :) We are team again. He started calling me by my nick name again 'chicken' I am so grateful we worked with Stef we are stronger together, then we have ever been. 100% turn around. We highly recommend Stefanie Bullock from The Couples Shed.

Liz and Tony


We will always keep you and your goals at the heart of the treatment process, and use our knowledge of these to build a road map to the treatment approach. Our experience and training with a wide variety of methods allows us to choose an approach you will feel comfortable with.

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